Photography 101: Home

I think of “Home” as where I live in Lago Vista, Texas. Most importantly, I have been happily married now for 47 years with 2 sons and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I have included a few photos that capture some images that we share every day.

We have a nice house on the north shore of Lake Travis west of Austin in the Texas hill country. It’s not fancy but just right for us and very comfortable as our retirement home. We have two lovely golf courses and tennis courts nearby which we love to play.  Also there’s quite a bit of wildlife in our backyard to watch such as white-tailed deer, road-runners, hares, red fox, hummingbirds, squirrels, birds, butterflies, etc.

House Front

We are fortunate to have a lake view from our deck, although the lake is currently over 40 feet below average for this time of year since we have been in an extreme drought for over 5 years now. This photo was taken in 2007 around the time we moved here, when there was more water in the lake.

Lake View

Also, we are blessed with fantastic sunsets most every day which are great to enjoy. I have periodically captured some photos of them, and they have been included in the “Sunsets” post in my blog. They appear as a randomized custom header image above which changes every time you access my web site.

Sunset View

In fact, last year we had a blue agave sprouting in our neighbor’s back yard, which we watched grow every day until it was about 30 feet tall. This was an early photo after growing somewhat but its branches had not fully spread out in their spiral pattern and hadn’t really started flowering yet. This was an interesting photo I captured of the agave at sunset.

Blue Agave at Sunset

Currently, I use an iPhone 5 for my photos, although some earlier ones were taken with a Canon PowerShot S400 which I don’t have any more. I should probably consider getting another point-and-shoot (or maybe a DSLR) camera sometime, but for now my iPhone should work fine and I need to learn about photography first.

I look forward to share more photos with you.

3 thoughts on “Photography 101: Home

  1. Beautiful pictures Doug. I realized today, that I don’t have many pictures of where I live. Mostly pictures of our vacations and grandkids. I guess I better work on correcting that. ~Julia


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