2 thoughts on “McDonald Duck

  1. Doug,
    Yesterday, Nicholas Carr came to Northeastern Law School to give a talk about his latest book, The Glass Cage. Dan got me a free ticket and we both went. On the way to room where he was speaking, he regaled at least two of his colleagues with the same joke (separately, not at the same time): “You know, what I’d REALLY like to see is Nicholas Cage talking about his Glass Car!” He got a healthy chuckle with each one, from me the 1st time, as well as the other listener, and then the 2nd time, I had to laugh again because he had just told it to someone else a couple of minutes before (!) Anyway, I enjoyed his talk and talked to him a little bit afterward, as well as had him sign the book, which I was gonna get anyway.

    p.s. Was it Jon or Jeff who called McDonald’s McDonald Duck? How cute!


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