I added an Assignments sub-menu under the Blog menu.  These represent the top 10 Blogging University workshop assignment articles viewed most on my blog as of October 24, 2014.

These are the blog posts which I have written for Blogging University workshop assignments. They are included on the main Blog menu tab above, which shows all of them in reverse chronological order.  Also there are sub-menus for just those associated with Blogging 101 and Blogging 201.

Some results are fairly understandable and would be expected. However, there were some surprises with this analysis and associated insights.  I have included some observations based on reviewing the results, and I have already started making changes.

Enjoy reading my responses to the assignments from the workshops, and see which ones that other readers like the most. I will update the Assignments hit results weekly.

2 thoughts on “Assignments

  1. I think this is a great idea! I may consider doing something along these lines on my blog. I’ve want to publish posts about our Blogging U assignments but since my blog has a fairly specific topic, I wasn’t sure if and where they really fit in. This is a nice way to separate them. 🙂


    • This revealed more than I thought it would. For instance, I was surprised how many times my readers viewed pages about my blog, me, and my goals. Based on this, I going incorporate more links from my About page, and perhaps include some appropriate links for my Blog Goals too.

      An example for me would be including links to my posts which highlight reaching my goals. I have already passed 100 Likes, I will reach my 100 Post goal this weekend (93 right now), I think I’m up to 37 followers now with 50 as my goal, and I’m just about to cross over 800 Views toward my 1000 goal. I’m getting very close and should realize them over the next 5 days at the current pace. So it makes sense to toot your horn and update the goals with these achievements.

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