My Blog Goals

I just started my blog on September 17, 2014 during the Blogging 101 workshop. Currently, I have created 78 posts, had 603 views by visitors to my site, there are 26 followers reading my blog updates, I have received 58 comments from them, and there have been more than 50 likes on my posts (I don’t know how to find out more about likes beyond the milestones).

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience far more than I expected. I thought I would take the course since I had been thinking about trying a blog for a long time but never got it going. So I registered for it and decided this was the time to get started. I am really amazed how much progress I have made so far, and feel I am just beginning.

So I signed up for this follow-up Blogging 201 workshop on Branding and Growth.  In our first assignment, we were asked to think about our blog and identify three goals that we would like to achieve. Although it’s still early in my blog’s life, I have determined I would like to accomplish the following by October 31.

  1. Expand readers and traffic. This translates into these specific targets, which I should be able to measure with WordPress Site Statistics and/or Trophy Case Awards: 100 posts, 1000 views, 50 followers, 100 comments, and 100 likes.
  2. Grow blog access into social networks. Expand first into Facebook friends, then add Twitter, and finally include Pinterest or other communities.
  3. Enhance my brand and improve my writing. Increase range and diversity of my content beyond music so that there will be more travel, photo, writing, recipes, and other blog topics that will interest my readers and realize the focus described on my About page

After I finish this course, I’m looking forward to the Photography 101 workshop that will be held starting November 3rd. I have been wanting to get better with photography, and that would also be helpful for my blog. For now, I’m just trying to get my blog to the next level after getting off to a good start thanks to Blogging University and all my fellow bloggers.

I appreciate all my followers, their comments, and enjoyed reading so many great blogs. Also, it has opened new areas for me, such as composing articles, writing stories, and reading poetry. And of course, there’s still the music and I want to keep making continual improvements as I refine my blog’s brand and extend its growth and reach a wider audience.

Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

NOTE: By Nov 5 (in 15 days), I achieved all these goals set on Oct 21 (target: 10 days), and I have summarized the results in Blog Goal Achievements.



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