Kate Walsh

Here is some folk music by UK singer/songwriter Kate Walsh that you can listen to on Spotify.

Here are some of her most popular songs.

“Your Song” by Kate Walsh on “Tim’s House” (2007)

“Le Jardinier” by Kate Walsh on “The Real Thing” (2011)

“June Last Year” by Kate Walsh on “Light and Dark” (2009)

Here are her studio albums.

“Tim’s House” by Kate Walsh (2007) – 10 songs, 40 min

“Light & Dark” by Kate Walsh (2009) – 13 songs, 48 min

“Peppermint Radio” by Kate Walsh (2009) – 11 songs, 41 min

“The Real Thing” by Kate Walsh (2011) – 10 songs, 37 min

3 thoughts on “Kate Walsh

  1. Wow, Doug, you’ve got ECLECTIC musical tastes–from Kate Walsh and Broken Bells to Susan Boyle. That’s what I call range! Have you heard The Decemberists, The New Pornographers or Jason Isbell? You clearly appreciate many different artists; so, if you haven’t heard one or more of these three, you might give them a listen 🙂


    • Good suggestions. In fact, The Decemberists, The New Pornographers, and Jason Isbell are in the queue. Country singer/songwriter Amanda Shires, who I highlighted on Oct 11, is actually married to Jason Isbell and she’s also a member of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. However, I generally have been trying to limit the posts to 2-3 per day since I don’t want my posts to be considered spam. So I have to spread them out over time, and an editorial calendar is helpful to organize and plan my future posts.

      I have been generally been trying to release posts by genre on certain days of the week so readers will have some expectation when their type of music might be available. I’m also creating an index page by genre for all my music posts that I hope will enable readers to find what they’re looking for more easily than scrolling through all the music posts to identify specific genres and/or artists (especially now that there are currently about 43 music posts, and growing daily).

      I’m glad you appreciate my “electric” range of music. I do enjoy lots of different types of music, and hopefully there’s a diverse mix of interests in my readers too. I’m always interested in any ideas about what you like, and will certainly accept requests. Thanks.


      • You actually answered a question I’d had since I saw Jason Isbell perform on PBS. He introduced a fiddle player as “my lovely wife,” but I don’t remember him saying her name. So thanks! Incidentally, I’m familiar with Pandora, but not the other music services. So I’ll have to listen to your suggestions. Keep ’em coming 😉


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