Here is some folk music by Hem from New York that you can listen to on Spotify.

Here are some of their most popular songs.

“Departure and Farewell” by Hem on “Departure and Farewell” (2013)


“Betting on Trains” by Hem on “Rabbit Songs” (2001)


“The Fire Thief” by Hem on “Eveningland” (2004)


Here are their studio albums.

“Rabbit Songs” by Hem (2001) – 16 songs, 45 min


“Eveningland” by Hem (2004) – 16 songs, 53 min


“No Word from Tom” by Hem (2006) – 19 songs, 54 min

“Light & Dark” by Hem (2009) – 13 songs, 48 min

“Funnel Cloud” by Hem (2006) – 15 songs, 48 min

“Departure and Farewell” by Hem (2013) – 13 songs, 37 min

“Twelfth Night” by Hem (2006) – 28 songs, 33 min


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