Morning Rainbow

We had a lovely rain when waking up this morning. We need it badly since we’ve been in an extended drought for over five years now and the lake is probably still over 40 feet below its normal average levels. When I looked outside, it was starting to clear somewhat, although it was still raining lightly. I noticed there was a nice rainbow outside the window, so I went out to see it better. It was a full rainbow that I captured as a panoramic image with my iPhone.

Morning Rainbow

Also, see the photos of Sunsets that I have take with my iPhone.  They were previously used as randomized custom header images for my web site.

5 thoughts on “Morning Rainbow

    • This was pretty amazing, and a great way to start the morning. At first, I took a normal photo but it just got the left or right end of the rainbow. Then I realized that my iPhone has a panoramic feature so I was able to use that to take the entire rainbow. It was still raining a little so I was getting wet, or else I might have tried additional shots. In any case, I was quite surprised how nicely this turned out. Glad you like it. I wanted to share it with others.

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  1. beautiful picture. you have a beautiful view over the full rainbow. i seem to live that close under the rainbows, that i have to patch two pics together. or do you use a camera trick ?


    • I used the “Pano” setting on my iPhone. After pressing the button, I just move from left to right across the full rainbow, and press the button when done. The iOS Camera software stitches the images together automatically. Really easy! This was the first time I tried this, and I’m going to use it more now that I know it works. Pretty cool, huh?


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