Say Your Name

Blogging 101: Say Your Name

This assignment was to edit my title and tagline.  Although it’s 2 days late, I’m starting to catch up.

It was not easy coming up with a site title and tagline for my blog, especially when I’m still not quite sure what it’s really about or where it will lead.  Anyway, after reviewing my initial post about why I’m doing this, I have decided to go with the title “Doug Warren” with a tag line “Sharing life experiences and interests”.

This should cover any activities, thoughts, ideas, or feelings that I choose to write about as I explore life and learn more during my retirement years.  It  would also include the varied topics that I think I will address in my blog such as travel, photos, music, recipes, books, etc.

I realize that I can always change this at any time, so there is no reason to spend too much time worrying about it right now to get the perfect and final title and tag line.  But anything is better than the original default title “dpw67” from blog address with my name “Doug Warren” as the tag line.  I haven’t figured out a good title yet, but thought that my name might be appropriate for now until I come up with something better.

One thought on “Say Your Name

  1. Your name is a great title, after all, it is YOU. I suspect however, there is much more than you realize behind your tag “Sharing life experiences and interests”. Try a 10-minute “write-nonstop-jam-session” on the current tagline words and see what comes out. No self-editing until the 10 minutes is up! The result should be eye opening. And good for you for doing the Blogging101 assignments; though I’ve been inspired by the daily prompts (and really want to do them!) my focus is on the pragmatic “getting my blog up and running” first so I have a place to post. Chicken…egg…


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