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Janice Faber: Open Water

Janice Faber: Open Water

Listen to solo piano music by Janice Faber on her latest album Open Water. I also included another recent album Settings in Silver.  See the reviews for Open Water and Settings in Silver by Kathy Parsons at mainlypiano.com.


Open Water (2020) – 13 songs, 50 min


Settings in Silver (2019) – 13 songs, 1 hr 1 min

See Janice Faber for more albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Open Water @ Amazon (album cover)

David Hicken: Inner Sanctum

David Hicken: Inner Sanctum

Listen to solo piano music by David Hicken on his latest album Inner Sanctum. I also included an earlier album Transitions. Watch videos of him playing all the songs from both albums; maybe you can learn something to try.


Inner Sanctum (2019) – 12 songs, 49 min


Transitions (2018) – 12 songs, 48 min


Watch videos of him playing all these songs, as well as several other new compositions…

The Head and the Heart: Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings

The Head and the Heart: Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings

Listen to indie folk music by The Head and the Heart on their new album Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings.


Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings  (2020) – 15 songs, 58 min



See You Through My Eyes (Live) – 3 min 50 sec


Missed Connection – 3 min 16 sec


Honeybee – 3 min 56 sec


 Full Concert – NPR Music Front Row at City Winery, NYC (2016) – 47 min 42 sec

See The Head and the Heart for more albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings @ Amazon (album cover).

Gone West: Canyons

Gone West: Canyons

Listen to country pop music by Gone West on their debut album Canyons.

Gone West is a new Nashville-based group featuring 2-time Grammy award-winner Colbie Caillat, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Jason Reeves, 4-time Hawaii music award winner Justin Kawika Young, and ACM and CMT nominated artist Nelly Joy. The group’s intricate four-part vocal harmonies create a warm feel and refreshing vibe.


Canyons (2020) – 13 songs, 45 min



Gone West Virtual Album Release Party – 4 songs, 16 min 53 sec


Gone West – 3 min 30 sec


What Couldn’ve Been (Acoustic) – 4 min 3 sec


This Time – 3 min 43 sec


Confetti – 3 min 21 sec


Gone West – Journey to Canyons – 3 min 18 sec


Listen to more music by Colbie Caillat.



Visit these links for their website, social media, and general information.

These are links for music services and music stores.

Photo credit: Canyons @Amazon (album cover)

Ottmar Liebert: Fete

Ottmar Liebert: Fete

Listen to guitar music by Ottmar Liebert on his new album Fete. I’ve also included several recent albums.

Fete (2020) – 11 songs, 42 min


The Complete Santa Fe Sessions (2018) – 15 songs, 1 hr 10 min


Slow (2016) – 17 songs, 53 min


See my Ottmar Liebert music post if you want to listen to more of his music.

Photo credit: Fete album cover @ Amazon

Stephen Bennett: Passages

Stephen Bennett: Passages

Listen to harp guitar music by Stephen Bennett on his latest album Passages. I have also included several other recent albums – Harp Guitar: Another Compilation, Fifty Years and Counting, and Music from Connecticut, as well as my playlist of his songs.


Passages (2019) – 14 songs, 54 min


Harp Guitar: Another Compilation (2018) – 29 songs, 2 hr 12 min (2 CDs)


Fifty Years, and Counting… (2017) – 15 songs, 43 min


Music from Connecticut (2017) – 13 songs, 52 min



Stephen Bennett (Playlist) – 24 songs, 1 hr 21 min


See Stephen Bennett for more music, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Passages @ Amazon (album cover).

Tommy Emmanuel: The Best of Tommysongs

Tommy Emmanuel: The Best of Tommysongs

Listen to guitar music by Tommy Emmanuel on a new compilation album The Best of Tommysongs. Also some of the songs are performed in several videos.


The Best of Tommysongs (2020) – 24 songs, 1 hr 18 min



Song for a Rainy Morning – 2 min 20 sec


Sail On – 2 min 51 sec


Timberland – 3 min 24 sec

Fuel – 3 min 55 sec


Endless Road – 4 min 21 sec


See Tommy Emmanuel for more of his albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: The Best of Tommysongs @ Amazon (album cover).